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stannard rock lake trout
Lake Superior Fish


Lake Superior's original "alpha" is the Lake Trout.  The majority of our catch consists of these native fish, as they prefer the chilly depths of Superior.  These trout can live over 25 years - the state record is 61 lbs!  Our catches range from 3-30 lb.  Our largest fish caught weighed 38 lbs 7 oz and briefly held the state record.


In the early season when the water is colder, we can catch Salmon on the surface lines.  We even catch an occasional Whitefish.  Lake Trout are some of the best tasting fish.  We're more than happy to share our tips on cooking them!

Lake Superior Charter
Rules & Regulations


As regulated by the Coast Guard, we are allowed to take up to 6 anglers on the boat.  Your crew will have the entire boat; we do not combine groups.  Anyone who boards the boat is part of the count, regardless of age or whether or not he/she fishes, and is required to pay.  The Michigan DNR limits your catch to 5 lake trout per person.  A one day fishing license may be purchased at local gas stations and convenience stores, and even online at the DNR website.

Fishing Season & Weather

The Upper Peninsula's weather is unpredictable. Generally, the charter season begins in May and runs through September.  The ideal months for fishing are June, July, and August.  We recommend that full day trips to Stannard Rock and the Big Reef be reserved in advance to guarantee the best dates for fishing!  


Just give us a call (906-892-8277) to make a reservation.  We are always happy to speak with you on the phone.  We take extra care to make sure you have the best weather for a fishing experience.  If the weather is unfavorable, we will contact you to reschedule or cancel the trip.

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