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Big Reef superior

BIG REEF - A full day of trophy trolling >>


If you are looking for a truly affordable "Pure Michigan" class trip, the Big Reef might just be the best experience you'll have all summer!  

The trip is engineered for those seeking an all day action-packed adventure.  On your journey out to the world class fishery you will cross the deepest part of the Great Lakes at 1,333 ft. Be prepared to come back with a heavy cooler and a high chance of seeing multiple master-angler sized Lake Trout.  Make sure to bring your camera for both the scenery and elegantly colored trout pictures!


We also offer fillet services after reaching shore.  Your captain will professionally fillet your fish, and ice is available for transport (please bring a cooler).  It is important to have a plan to care for the meat you will be taking home.  Make sure to check out our grilling & smoking recipes!

2023 Rate

1-4 people $1400

5 people    $1500

6 people    $1650

Deposit: one person deposit

Time: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm 

(times will vary depending on sunrise times)

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